Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Personal Diabetes Details - Summarized


46 Year Old Type I diabetic, diagnosed at 31 years old
Using a Meditronic Revel 523 Insulin Pump w/ Novolog and a Dexcom CGM
162 lbs, 5' 7"

Paleo based - in a nutshell, I don't eat any grains, rice, or beans.  I don't drink milk and eat very little fruit.  My meals are mainly protein, veggies and fat.  I do use almond meal as a substitute for wheat flour.

Mainly Crossfit with some traditional cardio/weight training.

Normal glucose range 80 - 100 95% of my day
a1c below 6.0 (June 2014 5.9)
blood panel within normal - better than normal range
below 10% bodyfat, high level of cardiovascular fitness

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